PC Staffing Solutions is a black owned and managed business offering consulting services  to address the business requirements of its clients. The company is a division of PC Global group and it’s positioned to provide temporary, permanent as well as contractual recruitment services to the greater corporate and public sectors. The business was established locally for the sole purpose of finding the right employee for the right employer. We specialise in being the link between job seekers and employers, matching the profile of the job seeker to the needs of the employer to provide for a perfect integration to the company. We are a South African registered organization with expansion programs in other SADC countries. We have strategic partnerships with local organizations, reputable individuals and businesses in the countries across our borders and within our regional network.


PC Staffing Solutions believes that its participation in projects leads to a long-term association to the benefit of all concerned. As far as it is practical, PC Staffing Solutions endeavors to tailor its solutions to suit the client’s requirements. The skill and ability of PC Staffing team is the key to delivering our assurance. The team consists of experienced members of the industry who consistently deliver tangible value across a broad spectrum on high involvement activities. We recognize that in order to realize our vision we must provide a differentiating suit of value added services and deliverables where activity benefits are passed directly onto the client in terms of operational efficiencies.


PC Staffing Solutions has a dynamic staff component augmented by research and professionals with highly reputable international qualifications and broad experience in both the public and private sectors. These individuals understand extensively the different environmental layers of organizations, macro, meso and micro and have the competence to distil stakeholder relationships through proper analysis using tried and tested tools.

We undertake to execute a mandate from planning to evaluation and reporting to all relevant stakeholders timeously and comprehensively.